RTG Sponsored Conferences and Symposia

UC Davis RTG Statistical Sciences Symposium: Geometry, Statistics and Data Analysis

Friday May 19th / Saturday May 20th, 2017

Conference Speakers: 

Speaker Home Institution and Website
Ery Arias-Castro UC San Diego; Site Abstract
Victor Patrangenaru Florida State; Site Abstract
Susan Holmes Stanford; Site Abstract
Sayan Mukherjee Duke; Site Abstract
Bertrand Michel Ecole Centrale Nante, France; Site Abstract
Frederic Chazal INRIA, France; Site Abstract
Stephan Huckemann Göttingen, Site Abstract
Lizhen Lin Notre Dame; Site Abstract
Peng Ding UC Berkeley; Site Abstract
Alexander Petersen UC Santa Barbara; Site Abstract
Naoki Saito UCD; Site Abstract
Patrice Koehl UCD; Site Abstract
Ethan Anderes UCD; Site Abstract
Jie Peng UCD; Site Abstract
Debashis Paul UCD; Site Abstract
Hongtu Zhu UNC; Site Abstract
Timo Bremer LLNL and University of Utah; Site Abstract
Javier Arsuaga UCD; Site Abstract
Rudy Beran UCD; Site Abstract

Presentations from the conference will be posted shortly. 

Local organizing committee: Hans-Georg Müller, Xiaodong Li, Wolfgang Polonik