Graduate Students

Andrew Blandino

PhD Student in Statistics

I am a first year PhD student here at UC Davis coming here from Reno, Nevada.  I grew up in Las Vegas and when I have free time I like to watch a good movie or be outdoors or both. 

Cody Carroll PhD Student in Statistics 
I am a current PhD student in the Department of Statistics at UC Davis. After graduating from UT Austin in 2014 with a BS in Mathematics, I spent a year teaching English in Osaka, Japan before coming to California. In the RTG, I'm part of the team that handles promotion and outreach to other departments at UC Davis. Research areas of particular interest to me include topological data analysis, asymptotics, and epidemiology.
Emily Chang PhD Student in Statistics  
Michael Chen PhD Student in Statistics  
Clark Fitzgerald PhD Sutdent  in Statistics Clark Fitzgerald graduated in 2012 from UC Berkeley with a degree in applied math. He began the PhD program in 2014 after working in the technology industry. Clark's research interests include statistical computing, reproducibility, and data science technologies.
Dmitriy Izyumin PhD Student in Statistics

I am a PhD student in statistics with a background in applied mathematics. My current research focus is multivariate time series forecasting, and in the past I have worked on clustering and risk analysis. I have an interest in teaching, and have worked as an associate instructor for STA 13 and STA 108, and a TA for numerous other stats classes. In my free time I enjoy reading, working out, and going to live music events. 

Eric Kalosa-Kenyon PhD Student in Statistics  
Irene Kim PhD Student in Statistics

I am a PhD student at UC Davis Statistics department. I studied math in undergrad, where my interest in statistics and topology was born. My research area is Topological data analysis. I like to go hiking and swimming.

Dayanara Lebron-Aldea MS in Statistics  
Jamshid Namdari PhD Student in Statistics  
Pamela Patterson PhD Student in Statistics  
Benjamin Roycraft PhD Student in Statistics  
Nicholas Ulle PhD Student in Statistics

Nick has been interested in mathematics and computing since he was very young. He received his BS in mathematics from UC San Diego in 2011. After spending a year on actuarial work and travel, he entered the statistics PhD program at UC Davis in 2012. In addition to the RTG, he's also active in the fledgling UC Davis Data Science Initiative.

His primary research area is statistical computing, with emphasis on improving software efficiency and accessibility. Currently, he is working on source code analysis tools to support compilation of the R programming language, with guidance from Professor Temple Lang. Other research interests include Monte Carlo methods, signal processing, and programming languages.

As a member of the RTG, Nick codesigned the mini-course "Python for Data Mining," which was presented in Winter 2015. Based on popular demand, the course is likely to return in subsequent years. He's also participated as a mentor in undergraduate RTG activities.

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Ken Wang PhD Student in Statistics  
Olga Zamoroueva PhD Student in Statistics