Project Archive

Every year a group of undergraduate students work on a research project led by a faculty mentor. Below is an archive of past projects.   


An Exploration of Bootstrap and PCA (Professor Miles Lopes, Statistics)

Network Outlier Detection in many small graphs (Professor Can Le, Statistics)

Network Outlier Detection in a single large graph (Professor Can Le, Statistics)

Higher-dimensional Data Analysis Using Autocorrelation Wavelets via Julia (Professor Naoki Saito, Mathematics)


Project: Applied Functional Data Analysis (Professor Hans-Georg Müller, Statistics)

Project: Data analysis using autocorrelation wavelets via Julia (Professor Naoki Saito, Mathematics)

Project: On the interplay between sampling and optimization (Professor Krishna Balasubramanian, Statistics)

Project: Analysis of high-dimensional proteomics data using networks and topological data analysis ( Professor Dietmar Kueltz, Animal Science); Professor Javier Arsuaga, Mathematics and Molecular and Cellular Biology;  Professor Wolfgang Polonik, Statistics)

Project: Checking the Quality of Solutions to Optimization Problems (Professor Miles Lopes, Statistics)

Project: Topological analysis of chromosome conformation capture data ( Professor Javier Arsuaga, Mathematics and Molecular and Cellular Biology)

Project: Analysis of data from wearable devices (Professor Jane-Ling Wang, Statistics)


Project: Analysis of Complex Functional Data (Professor Hans-Georg Müller)

Project: Analysis and visualization of data from a social website for sharing music and memories (Professor Petr Janata)

Project:  Exploration of t-SNE (Professor Xiaodong Li)

Project: Analysis of high-dimensional proteomics data using networks and topological data analysis (Professor Javier Arsuaga, Professor Dietmar Kueltz, and Professor Wolfgang Polonik)

Project: Causation, confounding and mediation (Professor Christiana Drake)


Project: Applied Functional Data Analysis (Professor Hans-Georg Müller)

Project: Network Data Visualization with Linear Algebra (Professor James Sharpnack)

Project: Processing and analyzing data from the Human Connectome Project (Professor Jie Peng and Professor Debashis Paul)

Project: Wildfires (Professor James Sharpnack)

Project: Where do we get data from and what can we do with it? (Professor Christiana Drake)

Project:  Exploration of classification methods: SVM, kNN, and KDE (Professor Xiaodong Li)

Project: Analysis and visualization of data from a social website for sharing music and memories (Professor Petr Janata)


Project: Applied Functional Data Analysis (H.-G. Müller)

Project: Quantifying Patterns of Survival and Reproduction for Cohorts of Flies (H.-G. Müller)

Project: Spatio-temporal covariance models for use in solar energy research (J. Patrick)

Project: Exploration of geometry of data in high dimensions and its effect on classification (W. Polonik)

Project: Manifold learning with outliers (T. Lee)


Project: Developing a model-free approach for bias correction when measuring object sizes in images. (pdf file) -- Thomas Lee (Statistics)

Project: Developing models for cherry fly survival and reproduction in dependence on hatching. -- Hans-Georg Mueller (Statistics) and James Carey (Entomology)

Project: Analyzing functional variance process for modeling longitudinal biological trajectories -- Hans-Georg Mueller (Statistics)

Project: Sonification of sensor network data, in particular underwater temperature measurements made via an array of thermometers at Lake Tahoe at various depths. -- Naoki Saito (Mathematics)

Project: Developing a statistical methodology for extracting diffusion tensor from diffusion-weighted MRI data. -- Debashis Paul (Statistics) and Jie Peng (Statistics)

Project: Developing a new method for detrending solar irradiance time series data using a nonlinear least squares approach. -- Joshua Patrick (Statistics)

Project: Analysis of solar irradiance time series using various methods including artificial neural networks, ARIMA models, and nonlinear AR models. -- Joshua Patrick (Statistics)

Project: Estimating nonlinear additive vector AR model. -- Joshua Patrick (Statistics)

Project: Estimating and forecasting of nonlinear AR models fit to solar irradiance data. -- Joshua Patrick (Statistics)


ProjectThe sounds of complexity in aquatic ecosystems, Mentors: Naoki Saito (Applied Math), Geoff Schladow (Civil & Environmental Engineering), Sam Nichols (Music) 

ProjectRemoving noise from tensor-valued neuroimaging data, Mentors: Owen Carmichael (Neuroscience), Debashis Paul (Statistics) and Jie Peng (Statistics) 

ProjectQuantification of brain connectivity from neuroimaging time series data, Mentors: Mentors: Owen Carmichael (Neuroscience) and Hans-Georg Müller (Statistics)

ProjectSplitting Task Oriented Social Networks into a Task Related Layer and the Rest, Mentor: Vladimir Filkov (Computer Science) 


ProjectProtein Structures, Mentor: Nelson Max (Computer Science) 

ProjectInteractive data visualization on large-scale displays, Mentor: Kwan-Liu Ma (Computer Science)

Project: Extracting dynamics of affect from dyads over time, Mentor: Emilio Ferrer (Psychology)

ProjectThe cryptic invasion of California by tropical fruit flies, Mentor: James Carey (Entomology) 

ProjectFilling in the Void in Social Networks: the disappearance of hubs and emergence of new ones in their wake, Mentor: Vladimir Filkov (Computer Science)