RTG Sponsored Conferences and Symposia

Modern Tools in Statistics and Applications

RTG Graduate Student Presentations

June 1st 1-4pm MSB 1147  Event Flyer

The LASSO or : How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love L1-regularization (ANDREW BLANDINO)

Overview of regularization for regression models focusing on the LASSO and its variants.

The Kernel Trick and its Applications (BENJAMIN ROYCRAFT)

Using basic tools to extend traditional linear methods into the non-linear setting 2:00 PM

Variable selection in Ultrahigh Dimensions (JAMSHID NAMDAR)

An overview of recent advances in ultra-high dimensional variable selection with application to microarray data will be presented. 

Overview of Bootstrapping : properties and variations (DMITRIY IZYUMIN)

A brief overview of the bootstrap methodology, its uses, theoretical properties, and some variations of the standard procedure. 

An Introduction to Functional Data Analysis (CODY CARROLL)

With the advance of modern technology, functional data (data which are observed continuously or intermittently across several time points) are becoming more and more common. We will give a practical introduction on representing and handling functional data with an emphasis on application. 

 UC Davis RTG Statistical Sciences Symposium: Geometry, Statistics and Data Analysis

Friday May 19th / Saturday May 20th, 2017

Conference Speakers: 

Speaker Home Institution and Website
Ery Arias-Castro UC San Diego; Site Abstract
Victor Patrangenaru Florida State; Site Abstract
Susan Holmes Stanford; Site Abstract
Sayan Mukherjee Duke; Site Abstract
Bertrand Michel Ecole Centrale Nante, France; Site Abstract
Frederic Chazal INRIA, France; Site Abstract
Stephan Huckemann Göttingen, Site Abstract
Lizhen Lin Notre Dame; Site Abstract
Peng Ding UC Berkeley; Site Abstract
Alexander Petersen UC Santa Barbara; Site Abstract
Naoki Saito UCD; Site Abstract
Patrice Koehl UCD; Site Abstract
Ethan Anderes UCD; Site Abstract
Jie Peng UCD; Site Abstract
Debashis Paul UCD; Site Abstract
Hongtu Zhu UNC; Site Abstract
Timo Bremer LLNL and University of Utah; Site Abstract
Javier Arsuaga UCD; Site Abstract
Rudy Beran UCD; Site Abstract

Local organizing committee: Hans-Georg Müller, Xiaodong Li, Wolfgang Polonik