Undergraduate Training

A vital component of the RTG program is for undergraduates to get exposed to research in statistics by learning techniques for approaching scientific problems from a statistical point of view. Undergraduate students will also get an exposure to more non-traditional statistical topics that often are not addressed in standard undergraduate classroom settings.

The undergraduate portion of the RTG is a two quarter program (winter and spring) where students work in small groups on a research project.  There may also be limited opportunities to work on a project in summer.The projects are supervised by faculty and graduate student mentors.  Examples of past projects can be found on the project archive page.

The priority of the RTG is to focus on training, so in addition to small group meetings with the project mentors, students also have the opportunity to attend special seminars and training workshops.  At the end of the year, participants are required to present their projects to their peers. Funding is available to eligible participants and all participants are eligible to receive academic credit by signing up for STA 199. 

Interested students can find out more information about the application process on the application page.